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Multi-level Family Structure

This means that the whole family structure will begin from a single Family Name. Further to which any number of sub-families or sub-families to a sub-family can be created. With different name. Every individual or user as we call it, will be associated with any one of these family

Family History

Every family will have a rich history to share with the world. We would love to act as a platform which help share these history, events, details of famous personalities, other details about the family to the world.


Being part of a large family can be tiresome, if you have to remember the dates of different anniversaries and other functions. Our platform help you remember those dates and provide you with alerts through e-mail. So no more writing down on a random paper and the missing some important dates in your family.

Event Invitations

Events are the occasions were the entire family come together to celebrate the happiness and love. Being on a constant move it will be difficult to keep note of who is where. We provide a feature where any user can create an event invitation, which will be passed on to everyone in the family.

Contact Information

Be it marriage or birthday to invite them all, having everyone's contact information is important. We provide a place where every user's contact information, phone number, email ids etc which be provided which will be easily accessible for everyone in the family. And yea for sure, keeping up with the new generation trends, users can also provide their social media contact details too.

Professional Information

It would be great if we knew someone from your new work place or college before you join or decide to join, to help you through. We help you collect all those information to know who is where.

Family Tree

We provide a tree structure for your entire family tree, helping you to traverse to different member's easily.


As we all know privacy is an every important aspect these days. So we provide a feature where all the information about the individual family member can be set private from the visitors. Only the people within the family will have those information. And to be part of the family you need permission from your moderator or Administrator.